A. Frank Willis – Over the Years


1. Take Me As I Am

2. One Of The Great Love Affairs

3. Lay Your Ego Down

4. Things Were The Same

5. Tryin To Forget You

6. Any Kind Of Music

7. Grandpas Motor Boat

8. I’m My Own Grandpa

9. It’s Over Now

10. Squeeze Box

11. No Reason Or Rhyme

12. Tired Of The Beer

13. Newfie Shiek

14. Jig

15. Forever Don’t Last Too Long

16. Flyin Like A Bird

17. Ain’t Gonna Write Ya

18. You And I Underneath The Moon

19. Setttin Me Free

20. Lobster Never Flounder

21. Rockin On The Rock

22. Hello Mom And Dad

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Product Description

One of the few titles currently available from Newfoundland’s Top Country Entertainer. Includes the hugely popular “Newfie Shiek”.