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Amelia Curran – War Brides


1. Scattered and Small
2. The Furious Curve
3. You Won’t Find Me
4. Time’s A Ticker
5. Devils
6. Everything I’ve Got to Give
7. All The Ladies
8. Just A Tuesday
9. Love’s Grave
10. The Sunday Song

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Product Description

Although not Amelia’s first record, “War Brides” was the album that introduced her as a force in Canadian songwriting. It perked the ears of major industry professionals and exposed her to thousands of new fans eager to absorb her deeply intelligent, thought-provoking and self-reflecting style of writing. Based on the strength of her songs and the unwavering guidance of our very own Tony Ploughman, Amelia was signed to one of Canada’s most respected and popular record labels, Six Shooter Records. Six Shooter re-released War Brides on a national level and its success was immediate. When you listen to the record it becomes clear quite quickly, why so many people have gravitated to it. For many, it’s her voice and it’s tender, smoky tone. For others, it’s the depth and profoundness of her writing, colourful and inward-reaching, self-deprecating and universal. She is a true poet and despite considering herself a performer and musician second, she summons a beautiful and articulate performance on War Brides. The openness and vulnerability are very becoming and at times it feels, from a listener’s perspective, that you are a voyeur watching Curran as she gives private confession. She is frank and forthcoming with her narratives and there is a courage and confidence implicit in such exposure.