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Another City – Another City EP


1. Distance

2. D.N.R. (Gimme Shake)

3. Old Doubt

4. Hourglass

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Product Description

Excerpt from the band’s bio:

“Another City is a fresh, new Toronto-based band that incorporates many different influences and styles into a fast-paced, dance-ready, spill your beer type of sound. With co-writers hailing form fog veiled and ocean-fresh St. John’s, Newfoundland, to the soot and grime of Detroit’s dirty little brother, Windsor. Another City combines energetic , catchy guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, and a sometimes dueling, sometimes complimentary male-female vocal tandem. With some members focusing on musical performance degrees at York University, others being self-taught musicians day-shifting as 9-5 tradesman, and still others falling in between. Another City has found a delicate mix of theory and reckless abandon, meticulousness and disregard, planning and passion, art and noise.”

Tasha Power of Fred’s comments:

Featuring Sarah Budden (Bass and Vocals) and Steve Finn (Drums), both from St. John’s, NL.

Catchy pop/punk/hardcore, melodic and engergetic.

The twin guitars appear like four complimenting the density of the lyrics. The layered vocal harmonies are a stand-out feature and mesh superbly with the crisp, complex music sprinkled with a few killer guitar solos.