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Barry Canning – Light of a Setting Sun


1. Haven’t Learned a Thing
2. Broken Boy
3. Don’t Write Me Off
4. Killing Me
5. Time Turns Around
6. Two Ships
7. Sweet Surrender
8. Big Mistake
9. Ruins of Love
10. Secret Love
11. Get Over You
12. The Other Side

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Product Description

Barry Canning is regarded as one of Newfoundland’s finest songwriters. He has a seemingly innate ability to write well-crafted lyrics and then elevate them with equally well-constructed melodies. “Light of a Setting Sun” is Barry’s first record since his critically acclaimed release, “Last Man Standing” and was produced by another ex-pat musical heavyweight, Corey Tetford. The album is very well produced and performed beautifully. Melodic, catchy and fleshed out pop-rock, alt-country tunes are accentuated by the tasteful Hammond organ playing of Paul Kinsman and the sweet, shimmering and understated pedal steel of Chris Ledrew. Barry and Corey round out the acoustic and electric guitars and blend their tonally similar vocals together with great ease. It’s been some time between records but “Light of a Setting Sun” is a formidable follow up to his last. This is an example of an exceptionally strong selection of thoughtful and memorable pop songs. It was also a nominee for the 2011 Music Newfoundland and Labrador Award for Best Pop/Rock Recording. Barry is a true master.