The Big Tump_NEW

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers – The Big Tump


1. The Big Tump

2. Partridge Berry Jam

3. Let Her Go

4. Longer Than Time

5. Flowers of STrabane/Brother’s Jig

6. ‘Tis Good To See You

7. Never Pack Your Woman’s Suitcase

8. My Only Sweetheart

9. Kango Rhino Hippy Puss

10. Just Who You’re Going To Meet

11. Some Cold Tonight in Yellowknife

12. Angels In The Snow

13. Lake St. John Reel

14. Da Mower

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Product Description

Ray Johnson: accordions and fiddle

Wayne Chaulk: guitars, mandolin

Kevin Blackmore: mandolin, guitars, fiddle, comb & wax paper

Byron Pardy: bass guitar