Serious Stuff

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers – The Serious Stuff



1. Making for the Harbour
2. The Hillside in September (Hector’s Tune)
3. Where the Mountain Meets the Bay
4. Peggy Gordon
5. Big North Wind
6. On the Deep Blue
7. He’s a Part of Me
8. My Old Wooden Shack
9. Shinny on the Ice
10. Bridget & John
11. Where the Alders Grow
12. Have You Seen?
13. Where Fisherman Used to Be
14. Down by the Ocean
15. Song for Newfoundland
16. Sarah
17. Still Some More to Go
18. Angels in the Snow
19. Ladies in the Centre
20. Salt Water Joys

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Product Description

The Serious Stuff collects 20 of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers’ more serious and contemplative traditional tunes. Including a generous helping of reels and jigs and otherwise overlooked folk tunes, as well as now-classic songs and ballads such as “Sarah” and “Salt Water Joys”.