Cordeen – Musical Bridge


  1. Slide, Double, Slide: Slide Do Caoimhin / Young Thing / Kings of Kerry
  2. Song: Tickle Cove Pond
  3. Single, Polka: Herb Reid’s / Irish Polka
  4. Carolan: Eleanor Plunkett
  5. Hornpipe, Reel: The Harvest Home / The Fisherman’s Favorite
  6. Waltze, Barndance: Finbarr’s Waltz / The Light of the Moon
  7. Song: Mickey Relligan’s Pup
  8. Reels: Bridget’s / The Lyubov Orlova
  9. Slow Air: An Roisin Dubh
  10. Jigs: Maire Rua / The Cook in the Galley
  11. Song, Reel: Hurricane of Reels / The Girl from Donegal
  12. Reels: Lord Gordon’s / The Swallow’s Tail
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Product Description

Cordeen is a group of Button Accordion players from two sides of the Atlantic ocean, Ireland and Newfoundland. The album is a mix of traditional music and songs from both regions showcasing their strong cultural links.