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craig young

Craig Young – Back Home


1. Fisherman’s Favorite
2. Back Home
3. Anyway
4. I Followed Her Into the West
5. The Rollicking Skipper
6. On the Banks of the Grey
7. Mary On the Wild Moor
8. If I had Wings
9. Like a Dream
10. We Were Brothers
11. The Irish Washerwoman

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Product Description

Simply put, Craig is one of Canada’s most talented and decorated country guitarists. He is a four time recipient of the Canadian Country Music Award for best guitarist and has made a successful career as a side musician for some of Canada’s finest country artists. He has contributed to the work of Terri Clark, Jason McCoy, and Carolyn Dawn Johnson and countless others who have sought to better their records by employing his exceptional playing. He has spent time in western Canada and Nashville, TN, all the while honing his craft, preparing for an eventual return to his home in Newfoundland where he now performs regularly and records for people all over the world from the comfort of his home studio in paradise. “Back Home” is a labour of love and longing to document the music of his home from the perspective of someone who has spent most of his adult life away from it. The album itself is a hybrid, merging the country styling that dominated much of his career and the traditional tunes that he grew up hearing at home in Newfoundland. The two genres blend in a very natural way stylistically and the union is made stronger by Craig’s effortlessly flawless performance. Craig’s vocal quality is cut from the pages of country music. It is smooth, clear and warm. There is an intrinsic honesty and conviction in his voice. The gratitude for being able to make a record about his home, on his own terms flows through every word. One for the interesting elements of the record is hearing themes of related to Newfoundland being underscored by music with a heavy country influence. It cannot be stated enough how well performed and thoughtfully produced this record is. It is lush with mandolin and guitar, fiddle, bass and various forms of percussion. To get a true sense of Craig’s appreciation for his home, have a listen to the title track of the record. It is a nostalgic, heartfelt ballad written by Craig’s sister Francis. It is a sweet and tender tribute. “Back Home” is a must have for fans of country or traditional music, anyone with a love for fantastic guitar playing or anyone who knows what its like to spend time away from the people and places they love. We’re glad that Craig made the trip home so that his dream of recording a record on his terms could be realized. It is a gem of an album.