Crooked Stovepipe - Live n Pickin'

Crooked Stovepipe – Live n Pickin’


1. Ashes of Love
2. Encouragement
3. Kitty Jones Reel
4. I’ll Still Write Your Name in the Sand
5. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
6. Homestead on the Farm
7. St. Anne’s Reel
8. Poison Love
9. We Live in Two Different World
10. From the Bay
11. Fireball Mail
12. Long Distance Information
13. Who Will Sing for Me
14. I Cried Again
15. Gold Watch and Chain
16. Father O’Flynn/Smash the Window
17. See You Later

Product Description

Crooked Stovepipe’s newest release is a fantastic collection of live recording made across their carreer and featuring guest appearances from Newfoundland stars such as Ron Hynes, John Lacey, Baxter Wareham and Gordon Quinton, who compliment and augment Crooked Stovepipe’s blend of Newfoundland folk and Bluegrass genres.