Dardanelles – The Eastern Light


1. McCarthy’s
2. Polly Moore
3. Bad Boy
4. The Eastern Light
5. Jim Rumbolt’s/Gillis’ Favourite
6. Josephine’s Jigs
7. Pad’s Song
8. Long Point Reels
9. The Old Smythe
10. River of Ponds/Annie

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Product Description

Produced by legendary Irish musician/producer, John Doyle, this is the second release from one of Canada’s finest traditional groups. The Dardanelles have found the perfect marriage of spirited, energetic, masterfully performed instrumental tunes and beautiful, reverently delivered songs with local balladeer Matthew Byrne at the vocal helm. “The Eastern Light” pays devout homage to the tunes and songs of Newfoundland while breathing a youthfulness and vitality into them that continues to accentuate their relevance and importance in 21st century Newfoundland. This album has all the ingredients of a timeless recording, which will most definitely, be heard for years to come and against which future traditional records will be measured.