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Dope Piece – Dopeace


  1. Intro
  2. Dirtydope
  3. Wheelz (interlude)
  4. Sunroof
  5. Smoked (interlude)
  6. Cheeba Creepaz ft. Mak11
  7. B-Boy $tance
  8. Body Charm$ ft. Irwin
  9. Stylin’ 15
  10. Groov On
  11. Pullin Up (interlude)
  12. Party Joint
  13. Tanqueray
  14. Dopeace
  15. Out4dagu$to ft. Yungwise
  16. Earlyindamornin ft. Bluntheadfred
  17. Catchin Z’s
  18. Bonus Track: Fa$tlife ft. Maze
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Product Description

Jacob Piercey, aka dopepiece, is a local hip-hop artist who has been steadily garnering an impressive buzz for himself. His music videos are littered with nostalgic VHS aesthetic, and his cadence comes equipped with a weirdly tolerable high-pitched swagger as he manages to deliver his punchlines with a rapid fire technique between each bar.