Duane Andrews – Crocus



1. Isaac’s Blues
2. Hound’s Tune
3. Bouncin Around
4. MacBains/The Sailor’s Bonnet
5. A Birch Broom in the Fits
6. Quando eu era Costureira
7. Swing 42
8. Palm Sunday
9. The Times we Used to Have
10. Terrasse
11. Improvisations on the First Movement of Mozart’s String Quintet in G Minor K516

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Product Description

Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club Quintette mesmerize the house with a heretofore-unknown style of music. The virtuoso guitar playing enchanting the audience and setting the stage for a Gypsy style that would change the face of Jazz and the perceptions of the instrument. Duane Andrews is the continuation of that wave. Crocus is our best seller of Duane’s and his effortless playing and keen sense of arrangement provide a Reinhardt inspired mélange of Jazz, Folk and original music.