Duo Concertante

Duo Concertante – Mendelssohn/Macdonald Double Concertos


Felix Mendelssohn
Double Concerto for Violin, Piano and Orchestra (with Winds) in D Minor
1. I:Allegro
2. II: Adagio
3. III: Allegro Molto

Andrew Paul Macdonald
Double Concerto for Violin, Piano and Orchestra, Op. 51
4. I: Allegro Risoluto
5. II: Poco Piu Mosso
6. III: Molto Allegro

Product Description

Timothy Steeves (piano) and Nancy Dahn (violin) are Duo Concertante. This is their latest release Of Mendelssohn and Macdonald Double Concertos. They are performed with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Marc David.