Duane Andrews & Dwayne Cote – Dwayne Cote & Duane Andrews


1. The Princess
2. Tears
3. Singles
4. Beautiful Lake Ainslie
5. Belleville
6. Pipe Reels
7. The Chocolatier’s Lament
8. Lisa’s Jigs
9. Back to the Hills
10. A Fool Such as I

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Product Description

Winner of the 2011 East Coast Music Award for Best Jazz Recording, this album is absolutely phenomenal. It is an interesting piece in that for the first time, it pairs two of Atlantic Canada’s finest jazz musicians, Duane Andrews and Dwayne Cote. Andrews hails from Newfoundland and Cote from Cape Breton. These two backgrounds, steeped in traditional music drawn from their respective regions and the heavy influence of gypsy jazz music make for an exciting merger. This traditional influence is also blended with Duane and Dwayne’s expertise in the genre of jazz music. These exquisite recording features solely fiddle (Cote) and guitar (Andrews) that is immediately comparable to that of masters, Stephane Grapelli and Django Reinhardt. The chemistry between players and the fusion of sound between the two instruments is incredible. The interplay and exchange is highly emotive, at times rousing, at others heartbreaking but always superb. Both Cote and Andrews are highly accomplished and critically revered musicians in the genre and the coming together of such monster musicians is both rare and a treat. This is a one of a kind record in Atlantic Canada and is a must have, cornerstone of any jazz collection.