Emile Benoit – Vive la Rose



1. Christina’s Dream/Tootsie Wootsie
2. Neil Murray’s Dinner Jig/Go to the Cape Uncle Joe/Forgotten Note
3. Noel Dinn/Pamela’s Lonely Nights
4. Vive la Rose
5. Waltz in the House
6. The land We’re Walking On
7. Skipper & Company/On the Road Again/Claudine
8. Festival Reel/Jeff’s Tune/Meech lake Breakdown/McCormack’s Breakdown
9. Sally’s Waltz/Wedding Waltz
10. Fight for Your Rights
11. Jerry’s Red Mountain Jig/Le Papier “Gaboteur”
12. Lady Margaret
13. Brother’s Farewell/Caribou Skin Nailed Around the Circle/Wayne and the Bear

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Emile is regarded as, perhaps, the greatest fiddler to come from Newfoundland. Discovered by Newfoundland legends, Figgy Duff, Emile went from playing his original fiddle tunes in his kitchen to sharing them at major folk festivals all over the world. Vive la Rose was Emile’s last recording. His unique style , a blend of French and indigenous musical flare and a deep catalogue of tunes, jigs, reels and airs has been studies, played, interpreted, recorded and revered by many musicians throughout the years.