Ennis Sisters – Stages


1. Out From St. Leonard's
2. Dreaming my Dreams With You
3. Red Haired Mary
4. Peter's Dream
5. Killing the Blues
6. Take me Home
7. Rock Yourself on the Ocean
8. Summer of my Dreams
9. The Pines
10. A Lullaby
11. Sailor's Boots

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To praise the Ennis Sisters would be superfluous. Nearly 18 years since their hugely successful debut and 15 years since taking their first ECMA for Album of the Year on their album “Three”, followed the next year by winning roots/traditional group of the year, they continue to produce quality, always in command superb arrangements, balanced tune-selection, and of course stellar, spirited vocals – their calling card. Along with the Irish Descendants and Great Big Sea, the Ennis Sisters are one of the most dynamic and important acts of their generation in Newfoundland and east coast music.