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Tear the House

Fables – Tear the House Down



1. Lazy Tom
2. The Old Woman from Wexford/Mulvhills/The Dawn
3. Fish out of Water
4. The Rose in the Heather/Julia Delaney
5. Sam Hall
6. Tear the House Down
7. Cock of the North/Morrison’s Jig/Drowsy Maggie
8. Dancin’ Round the Kitchen
9. Frog in the Well
10. Peter Street
11. Spanish Lady
12. Joe Fitzpatrick’s Reel
13. Heave Away
14. Lilly

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Product Description

Featuring D’Arcy Broderick formerly of the Irish Descendants as well as Glen Simmons from Wonderful Grand Band, Clyde Wisemas, Billy Sutton and Dave Fitzpatrick this five peice band delivers some of the most challenging celtic music to ever come from the region.

The debut recording Tear The House Down has been a fifteen month process that has culminated in an ample collection of original music as well as unique interpretations of some traditional tunes. – Tear The House Down has something for everyone and will surely introduce The Fables as the beginning of a new wave from Newfoundland.