Harry Hibbs – Off the Floor: Songs from the Harry Hibbs Shows


1. Harry's Two Step
2. Harbour Grace/Golden Slippers
3. Four Mary's
4. Roses are Blooming
5. Squid Jigging Ground
6. Rakes of Mellow
7. Cliffs of Baccalieu
8. Rock Island Jig/Lili Marlene
9. I'se da B'y
10. Paddy McGinty's Goat/Twiggle Toe
11. Fella from Fortune
12. Minstrel Boy
13. Ryans and Pittmans
14. The Humour is on Me Now
15. Memories

Product Description

Relive the past with these never released songs from the original Harry Hibbs shows shown upalong in the 70’s. This collection of jigs and reels were never aired in Newfoundland!