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Hear/Say - Make a Friend EP

Hear/Say – Make a Friend EP


1. Make a Friend
2. Change How you Found it
3. Place to Be (Ft. Adam Harding)
4. Still Kickin’ (Ft. Megan Warren)
5. Much More
6. Love Collided

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Product Description

“In May of 2010, Adam Martin and Adam Hefferman met by chance while working nightshifts at a warehouse. It turns out, three years prior, Hefferman had responded to an ad that Martin’s previous group Filthy Gentleman had posted on a social networking site. The add was about starting a live Hip Hop band, something seldom done in St. John’s. The two figured it was a pretty good coincidence to meet each other so far down the road and decided to start a new project. Over the course of the next year and a half, the band started gaining momentum. Previous members Richard Klass, Dylan Varner-Hartley and Dylan Bridger had to depart for school and other projects, but November 2011 saw a more permanent arrangement. Presently, Keith Harding, Robbie Brett, Whitney Rowe, Joshua White and the two Adams are having all kinds of fun making live off the floor Hip Hop music in bars all over St. John’s. No dj’s, all instruments. So dance, cause this is Hip Hop with wobble added in.”

– Lawnya Vawnya promo