Hey Rosetta! – Seeds


1. Seeds
2. Yer Spring
3. Young Glass
4. Bricks
5. New Sum (Nous Sommes)
6. Downstairs
7. Welcome
8. Seventeen
9. Yer Fall
10. Parson Brown (Upirngaangutuq Iqalunni)
11. Bandages

Product Description

In seemingly little time, Hey Rosetta! have cemented their place as one of the most critically acclaimed and vital bands on Canada’s musical landscape. “Seeds”, the band’s third release, gave them their second Polaris Music Prize shortlist nomination and major tours with City and Colour, The Jeezebels, Hot Hot Heat and another with Gomez on the way, make them one of the country’s busiest and hard-working bands. They have literally traveled the globe from China, Australia, Europe to multiple trips across Canada and State-side. The new record is lush and incredibly thoughtful with regards to arrangement and musical scope. One pictures the band meticulously plotting out each note to the point of mental and physical implosion. The result is an anthemic, robust and daring album that stretches the bands ability into a new territory of calibre. Their growth since “Plan Your Escape” has been exponential.