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Various Artists – Homebrew 4


Homebrew Volume Four includes acts such as; The Navigators, Shanneyganock, The Celtic Connection, Kevin Collins and Terry Penney. The most notable track on the album is Dance and Sing, performed by the Navigators. One of the most popular Newfoundland tunes that is currently only available on one album. That album being Homebrew Volume Four!

Product Description

1. The Sealer’s Song – Shawn Lidster
2. Our Town – Shanneyganock
3. The Warlike Lads of Russia – Tickle Harbour
4. Hard, Hard Times – Terry Penney
5. Will They Lie There Evermore – Kevin Collins
6. Dance and Sing – The Navigators
7. Raglan Road – Jackie Sullivan
8. Galwat Girl – The Punters
9. Courtin’ in the Kitchen – Shanneyganock
10. The Music Takes me Back – Mark Hiscock
11. Widow’s Walk – Erin’s Call
12. Time Finnegan’s Wake – The Celtic Connection
13. Moving Away – The Cormiers