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Various Artists – Homebrew Volume Six


The is the sixth installment in the Homebrew Series, including local favourites, Shanneyganock, The Fables, the Punters, and more.

Product Description

1. A Daisy a Day – Shanneyganock
2. Heave Away – The Fables
3. When we was Boys – A Crowd of Bold Sharemen
4. Patty Ryan – Dungarvan
5. I Had But 50 Cents – The Punter
6. Sailor – Terry Penney
7. The Boys are Comin’ in – Ray Lake
8. On the Beach (Land and Sea Theme) – Sandy Morris
9. Twice Daily – Shanneyganock
10. The Northern Light of Labrador – RASA
11. We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar – Chris Andrews, Tom Nemec , Mark Hiscock, Mike Hanrahan, Con O’Brien, Alan Doyle, Fred Jorgensen, Larry Foley.
12. My Great Uncle Heb – Barron & Panting
13. Up at the Cabin – Wince Coles