Ian Foster – Room in the City


1. A Lesson in Geography
2. No Fool For You
3. Sodium
4. If the Weather Holds
5. Map of a City
6. Berlin
7. The Drive Home
8. After Evelyn
9. Without a Mark
10. The Favourite Game
11. Red Skies
12. End of the Year

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Product Description

Ian’s second album, “Room in the City” was released in 2008 and immediately marked a significant growth in his abilities both as a songwriter and musician. Our store manager, Tony Ploughman says, “Ian is imagistic and reflective to the point of examination, a romantic indeed. But his growth as a writer has birthed degrees of poignancy. His use of metaphor is astute, a ponderous writer whose curiosity produces realizations smattered with whimsy and emotional yearnings. In the face of loss, a significant theme, he is part pensive and part philosophical. Indeed, Foster is very perceptive and there is much sober soul-searching upon which his poetic lyrics are unveiled. But when circumstances appear dire, an injection of optimism pours forth. Some songs are like inspired eulogies”. “Room in the City” set a new high water mark in Ian’s career and went on to receive multiple Music Newfoundland and Labrador Award nominations and an East Coast Music Award nomination for Pop Recording of the Year.