Ian Foster The Great Wave

Ian Foster – The Great Wave


1. The Great Wave
2. How the Weather Rolls in
3. Japanese Tea Shop
4. Ethic
5. Right Here
6. The Projectionist
7. The Great Wave
8. Spire
9. States of Grave
10. Down the Line
11. Good Good Heart
12. Hannah

Product Description

The Great Wave is an album with a warm delicate precision and attention to detail that could only be created by a master craftsman and artist as talented as Ian Foster

– Craig Mills, The Eastern Passage

A tuneful contemporary singer/songwriter with a poet’s keen sense and a searcher’s infinite explorative mind…his best collection of songs to date.

– Tony Ploughman, Fred’s Records

[Foster] understands the roots in North American music and weaves that heritage into his songs quite seamlessly…His voice is excellent and the arrangements are varied and smart throughout this album. I think even lesser folk fans would find plenty to enjoy here.

– David Hintz, Folkworld/DC ROCK LIVE

There is no denying the talents of Ian Foster. He puts it on full display with the release of his new album, The Great Wave…Ian engages the listener with great stories, exceptional vocals and brings it all together with talented musicianship.

– Michael Trenholm, East Coast Kitchen Party