Ian Foster – We Begin Here


1. The Future is an Ocean
2. Troubadours 09
3. That Little Dress
4. Another Night at the Amsterdam
5. We Begin Here
6. Evangeline
7. Janey Closes Her Eyes
8. A Long Long Way
9. The Pacific’s Waters
10. Gone with the Good Earth
11. Different Songs
12. Dust of the Great Plains
13. Streetcars
14. Orpheus and Eurydice

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Product Description

Released in 2009, Ian’s third record is musically stripped down relative to his previous record, “Room in the City”. A multi-instrumentalist, Ian chose to play the majority of instruments present on the album with the exception of cello, performed by Adam Press. This slightly more sparse approach allows for the strength of his lyricism and narrative to be highlighted in a more open and sonically freeing way. The album has a notably acoustic feel with elements of folk, blues, Americana and pop interwoven throughout. For those who appreciate, embrace and applaud artistic quality, commitment, drive, and the fruits of a laborious creative process, Ian Foster is reason to take notice.