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jake nicoll

Jake Nicoll – Half of Nothing/Two Things


Half of Nothing

  1. Once You Start Asking
  2. The Road is Nicely Paved
  3. Doing Fine
  4. I Need a Friend
  5. Dream
  6. Forms
  7. I Gave Up on Keeping Along
  8. Nothing
  9. Half of Nothing
  10. Little Lies
  11. Truth or Sex
  12. Whistle Tune

Two Things

  1. Story of Your Life
  2. My Friends
  3. Two Things
  4. Reassuring Song
  5. Make Believe Misery
  6. Rainy Night
  7. Falling in Love
  8. More or Less
  9. Trapped in a Song
  10. Flowers
  11. So Many Songs

Product Description

New double album from local singer/songwriter Jake Nicoll. This album is divided into two CDs: Half of Nothing and Two Things.