Two Ribbons_NEW

Jim Downey – Two Ribbons of Steel


1.  Two Ribbons of Steel

2.  Why Don’t we fight for our rights

3.  On Straights We’d Sally Free

4.  Sparky is Bringing ‘er in

5.  Train Engines Were Always Called She

6.  Grandpa and Me

7.  I Place my Trust in Jesus

8.  Sammy

9.  Snowplough On Gaff Topsails

10.  Alder Salmon

11.  My Rainbows

12.  Still Hanging Tough

13.  What Will I Do Without You

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Product Description

“Jim’s thirty-five year career with the railroad began in Halifax, NS. He then transferred to Newfoundland and Labrador where he spent the remainder of his career until the railroad’s closure in 1988. Jim’s love and passion for the railroad were obvious to anyone close to him.

In later years Jim expressed his love and passion in the many songs that he wrote and sang (although he would tell you very quickly that singing was not his calling).   Some of Jim’s songs were recorded on two CDs.   In these songs Jim sang enthusiastically about his experiences on the railroad.  Jim’s first song titled, “I Love Working on the Railroad” speaks passionately about how he fell in love with the railroad: “Listening to the humming of the wheels-clicking of the joins rocking in the curbs.”   In other songs Jim provides vivid memories and pictures of the train: “Moving with a full head of steam, around the mountain side, climbing big hill, easing down the grade, crossing the bog,
going through deep snow cuts and around blind rock cuts.”