Jim Fidler – RPM


1. Mister Man
2. Mama's Little Boy
3. Not the Thing at the End of the Line
4. What I'm Going to Do
5. Dancing at the Rubber Ball
6. The Weed
7. We Need a Revolution
8. Days and Knights
9. The Final Curtain Call
10. Sleep
11. Dream (The Awakening)

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Product Description

Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and King Crimson all permeate the melodies, rhythms, licks, and grooves on Jim Fidler’s newest “concept” album.

Fictitious character, Mickey Finn travels on the quintessential journey; dreamin’ the dream, living it and back to slumber to dream again. And music as the penultimate metaphor – vehicle for life is indeed about the journey and not the destination.

Truly a musical – chameleon, Fidler constantly explores every nook and crannie of his far-reaching muse. In fact, it’s accurate to state that everything he has produced since his brilliant 1995 debut has been amazing. Whether repeated themes and influences (ie. Bob Marley) or far out ideas Fidler always brings vitality to his work.

Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists (ie. Dylan, Clapton, Zeppelin) Steal.
This is and shall remain a “Classic Album”