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Joe Belly – Nickles and Dimes


1. Separate Lives (feat. Sherry Ryan)
2. Nickles and Dimes
3. Sundays at the Royal Theatre
4. Diamond Joe
5. Another Season of Disaster
6. Time Stands Still
7. Dicey Jones Rides Again
8. Smile For Me
9. The Eastside

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Product Description

2010 Music NL award-winning record, “Nickles and Dimes” is Joe Belly’s 2nd album to take the honour of best country recording. He also won in 2008 for “Crawlin’ Out a Hole”. It is a wandering, light and easy flowing album of country and folk songs. It congures images of long walks through the praries under a completely clear, star-filled sky. Acoustic and stripped down with the exception of the Neil Young, Gretsch White Falcon sounding, Sundays at the Regal Theatre, it is an album of tunes that could be best served sitting around a campfire. Joe’s voice is charmingly earnest. It is, at times, shaky and fragile but always complimentary to the style and delivery of the songs. The tunes on the album hearken back to style of old cowboy themed songs of the late 19th century. Often cattle herders would sing calming songs to keep their herds at ease throughout the night thus reducing the likelihood of a stampede. Joe’s songs are cut from this type of cloth; very soothing, and gently delivered. Whether you’re winding down for the night or having your first coffee of the day, this is a pretty record to spin to put you in that relaxed state. It is well-deserving of its critical success.