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Kim Stockwood – Back to the Water

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1. St. John’s Waltz
2. Cliffs of Baccalieu
3. Now I’m 64 (with The Once)
4. Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s
5. Back to the Water
6. Atlantic Blue
7. Squid Jiggin’ Groud
8. Petty Harbour Bait Skiff
9. Feller of Fortune (with The Dardanelles)
10. Ode to Newfoundland (with Damhnait Doyle)
11. Thank God We’re Surrounded by Water (with my Dad, Leslie Stockwood)

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Product Description

Kim says that this is the album she’s wanted to make her whole career. She is fiercely proud of it and is certainly one of our most patriotic ambassadors abroad. After experiencing massive success with her album “Bonavista”, featuring her award-winning hit Jerk, great success as a solo artist and with the trio Shaye (with Damhnait Doyle and Tara McLean) she decided to make a record of traditional Newfoundland songs. They are a collection of songs that featured prominently in her years spent growing up in Newfoundland and have acted as ballast, keeping her grounded during her time spent away from home. “I grew up listening to my Dad play accordion and my Grandma play pump organ. The songs on this record are songs that I love and songs I hope my kids will love long after I’m gone. “Back to the Water” is a sparse, gentle and reverently performed album. It is subdued as though the songs contained on it were three minute sermons. They have a folky lilt, are acoustic at their core and are accentuated by some of Newfoundland’s finest folk and traditional acts (The Once and The Dardanelles). It also features Kim’s 2011 SOCAN songwriter of the year nominated song “Back to the Water, a song that she began writing a decade ago. It was finished during the recording of this record. It came to completion during a writing session with friend and musical collaborator, Damhnait Doyle (who appears on the album) while the two were atop Signal Hill, a fitting way to round out such a deeply personal record.