Lady Cove – Lady Cove Women’s Choir


1. Lake Isle of Innisfree
2. Angelus ad Pastores ait
3. The Water of Tyne
4. Mata del Anima Sola
5. Remember Me
6. Reel a Bouche
7. In Rememberence
8. The Snow
9. Adoramus Te
10. Suite de Lorca (Mvt.1)
11. Suite de Lorca (Mvt. 2)
12. She’s Like the Swallow
13. Chilli Con Carne
14. Duerme Negrito
15. Praise His Holy Name

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Product Description

Lady Cove strives for vibrance and authenticity in its performances of a wide range of musical genres, including classical, gospel, jazz, folk, Latin American, and contemporary Canadian music.  In 2006, Lady Cove was awarded first place in the equal voices female category of the CBC Radio’s National Competition for Amateur Choirs.”

 – Liner Notes