Lady Cove - Heart's Delight_NEW

Lady Cove Women’s Choir – Heart’s Delight


1. Salve Regina (Ramona Luengen)

2.-3. Gloria Kajoniensis (Levente Gyongyosi)

4. Angus Dei (Janos Vajda)

5. The Sky is Always Young (Jason Noble, music; Agnes Walsh, poetry)

6. Kekatu Dziesma (Peteris Vasks)

7.-10. Snow Angel (Sarah Quartel)

11. Lullaby (James Rolfe)

12. Salve Regina (Miklos Kocsar)

13. Maid on the Shore (Arr. Kathleen Allan)

14. On the Rooms (Stephen Hatfield)

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Product Description

Lady Cove returns with a fantastic new choral album, accompanied by both percussion and cello. Features works by Stephan Hatfield, Sarah Quartel, James Rolfe, and many more!