laverne squires

Laverne Squires – A Tribute


  1. 1. Early Spring
    2. Go and Leave Me
    3. The Rosy Banks of Green
    4. Brave Wolfe
    5. Johnny Dunlay
    6. Barbry Ellen
    7. The Dark Clothed Gypsy
    8. Who is at My Window Weeping?
    9. Riley the Fisherman
    10. The Bloody Gardener
    11. Bright Phoebe
    12. The Unquiet Grave
    13. The Foggy Dew
    14. Little Musgrave
    15. She’s Like the Swallow
    16. The Ghostly Lover
    17. The Green Shores of Fogo

Product Description

For the intrigued seeker of Newfoundland’s rich musical roots, these songs are a collector’s must. Laverne Squires (1947-2016) leaves a legacy of talent and unique vocal richness captured in this collection, re-mastered to preserve the authenticity of their original recordings in 1969.

For referencing the origins of this collection:
The Peacock Collection: Songs of the NL Outports
The Karpeles Collection: Folk Songs from Newfoundland
Mansfield and Greenleaf’s book: Ballads and Sea Songs of Newfoundland