Lisa Moore – Open


Track 1: Credits

Track 2: if You’re There (Lisa Moore)

Track 4: The Stylist (Holly Hogan)

Track 6: Mouths, open (Mary Lewis)

Track 8: The Way the Light Is (Lisa Moore)

Track 10: Azalea (Holly Hogan)

Track 12: Natural Parents (Lisa Moore)

Track 14: Melody (Holly Hogan)

Track 16: Craving (Lisa Moore)

Track 18: Close Your Eyes (Holly Hogan)

Track 20: Grace, part 1 (Mary Lewis)

Track 21: Grace, part 2 (Mary Lewis)

N.B Tracks 3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19 and 22: music

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Product Description

“Open” makes you believe three things unequivocally: that St. John’s is the centre of the universe, that these stories are about absolutely everything, that the only certainty in life comes from the accumulation of moments which refuse to be contained.

This collection of ten short stories was first published in 2002 by House of Anansi Press. Short-listed for Canada’s prestigious Giller prize in that year these stories have been hailed by Michael Winter as “…the new writing: intense, sensual, bright and dark, funny and sexy, wide open.”