Long Distance Runners

Long Distance Runners – Long Distance Runners EP


1. The Long Distance Runner
2. Black and Blue
3. The Great Escape
4. Nothing But Your Love
5. Spider in the Moonlight

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Product Description

Perhaps one of the more adventurous rock bands on the island, Long Distance Runners really stretch their legs both instrumentally and vocally on their debut EP. Nominated for five Music Newfoundland and Labrador awards at the 2011 conference, the album is ripe with catchy and unforgettable guitar work and beautifully lush and at times eerie vocal arrangements.

Favourable comparisons could be made to some of the later records made by The Beatles or early Rolling Stones. There is a timeless rock and roll feel to the record that makes the waiting for the full length album hard to bear. Get in the car and tune it up loud: speeding tickets are sure to follow.