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Lori Cooper Band – No Mustang Sally


1.  Rhymes

2.  Yes, It’s Good For You

3.  Don’t Mess With the Messer

4.  There is Something On Your Mind

5.  I Don’t Care No More

6. Are You Lonely For Me Baby

7.  Circles

8.  Feels Like Rain

9.  If You Love Me Like You Say

10.  The House That Jack Built

11.  You Can Have My Husband

Product Description

“The Lori Cooper Band has been punching out soulful, high energy R&B hits for almost twenty years!  This release is in response to the fans demand for a recording.  These songs are some of the audience favourites made famous by  the blues and R&B greats, and the band feels this captures the essence of our live show.

The album title is a little funny that means Lori is long past the neophyte stage of blues and R&B fandom, and her soul is a little deeper than that of the casual listener… so, do not request Mustang Sally at her shows 🙂

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Lori Cooper was singing at age two and playing piano at age six. Her parents often held socials that always included everyone singing and playing and Lori was usually the little star. Lori went on as a classically trained pianist to complete a B.Mus and B.Mus. Ed. from Memorial University’s School of Music.

Through the encouragement of friends and blues masters Roger Howse and Wade Pinhorn, Lori put teaching on hold and chose a life of rock & roll. As keyboardist for The Thomas Trio & Red Albino, Lori toured extensively and even competed in a World Talent Competition located in Tokyo representing Canada in front of 13,000 people. In 1991 Lori traded in her life on the road and resumed her other passion teaching. To this day Lori has managed to successfully fill the roles of teacher, school manager, mother and working musician.

Along the way Lori has played keys for folk music icon’s The Plankerdown Band, continues to play synth and percussion for musical productions, adjudicates music festivals and has evolved into a prominent member of music education in Newfoundland.

In ’96 Lori was encouraged to sing at a Sunday night blues jam by Coop De Ville’s, Wade Pinhorn and Darrell Cooper. Darrell heard a “soulful voice” and asked Lori to special guest with his band. He handpicked a song list and Lori got a taste of the blues which quickly led to a thirst!

Lori leads her own band aptly named The Lori Cooper Band and they fill the dance floor at the Fat Cat Blues Bar in St. John’s, Newfoundland on a regular basis. Her zest for life, jubilant spirit and deep love for singing the blues comes through in every song and affects every member of her audience.

Lori’s biggest influences have been Etta James, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin and Carl Weathersby. Also look for her in Three Shades of Blue, a vocal trio that adapts classic songs of various styles and delivers them in a sweet sounding three part harmony accompanied by keyboards.