Mark Bragg - Your Kiss

Mark Bragg – Your Kiss


1. Your Kiss
2. Your Boys Home
3. Roll Baby Roll
4. The Cutter
5. The Fool
6. Carl Ray
7. You be the Boy
8. The Rainmaker
9. Rats

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Product Description

From the first note of Mark Bragg’s newest “sacrifice” you get the feeling that you’re in for a wild ride. Mark has noted in interviews that he

“feels like a fiction writer, akin to Stephen King or any horror movie-making types”.

This gives him creative license to put his characters in situations that would put the regular Joe in jail and their kids in protective services. His songs are often nightmarish and dark but maintain a humour and oddly jovial quality that have become his trademark. There is truly a theatrical, circus-like feel to the record, as though Bragg were the devil’s own ringleader. These twisted stories are amplified by some of St. John’s finest musicians who offer up a heavy helping of gritty, dirt-filled rock and roll. You hear Springsteen, Nick Cave and Tom Waits but the sound is one all it’s own.