Matthew Hare – This Time Last Year


1. Everything
2. Still in Love
3. Long Walk Home
4. If This Doesn’t Kill Me
5. Not Knowing
6. Mixtape
7. The Big I Am
8. Calling My Name
9. Things They Seem To Change
10. Have You Seen the Last of Them

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Product Description

Released in January of 2012, “This Time Last Year” is a reflective, self-analyzing and contemplative record filled with thoughtful and honestly delivered lyrics of moving past the fallout of dissolved relationships and moving forward as an individual through the hurt of holding on to something no longer yours to hold. Stark and beautifully straightforward arrangements heighten the sense of longing present in many of the narratives. The album, produced by local St. John’s musicians, Jerry Stamp and Ian Foster, is acoustic based with flares of piano and electric guitar, providing a quietly beautiful colour and tone to the songs. The musical arrangements are anchored to Hare’s conviction as a vocalist and storyteller and attempt to capture the energy and magnetism of his live shows. There is a lovely sense of space in the songs that serves to elevate the emotion and conviction in Matthew’s voice. This is exceptionally accessible music, catchy and memorable and above all, heartfelt and sincere.