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Mercury Topaz – 2


1. System Calibration

2. The Weak, The Brave

3. Send Me Back (Into Your Mind)

4. Hot Shit Nobody

5. Revolution Soul

6. The Adjuster

7. Delusions of Ouija Man

8. Rusk State, 1970

9. Zen Canoe

10. She Speaks with Eyes

11. Anything But Norma Jean

12. Ricki (So Much for Pathos)

13. Black Shells (Exoskeleton Crew)

14. Drifting Dirigible

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Product Description

On their second outing, Mercury Topaz have begun to incorporate new elements into their post-cold wave sound. You can hear Zappa-isms and hints of Ween creeping into the sound, although the solid melodic foundation is still there.

Mercury Topaz (Victor Lewis and Brad Power) follow their collective muse producing an easy blast of pop pieces.  Little bits of Zappa-esque vocal styilings permeate the mix, a scattering of 70s R&B grooves and you just know Paul McCartney would get off on the jams.  Track 7 could have been a Joy Division demo.  You have to luv these guys.

Victor Lewis (a.k.a. Vickee Lou, Vic Lou, etc.) is arguably Newfoundland’s most innovative and eclectic indie-pop artist.  We liken him to a young David Bowie.

Brad Power is highly recognizable on the St. John’s circuit.  Modestly calling himself “just a guitar player”, everyone in town and beyond, from the past greats to the young slingers consider Brad the most dexterous and talented guitarist on the scene – and that’s a fact.


This duo is a dream team.