Michael T Wall

Michael T. Wall – From Newfoundland to Australia


Disc 1:

  1. From Newfoundland to Australia
  2. Island of Newfoundland
  3. When the Plane Touches Down in Deer Lake
  4. I’ve Been Here and There
  5. Sally’s Harbour
  6. I Wouldn’t Take a Million Dollars for a Single Maple Leaf
  7. Hillbilly Newfie
  8. No Price Tag on the Doors in Newfoundland
  9. Island By the Sea
  10. Newfoundland Waltz
  11. Newfoundland That’s What You Mean To Me
  12. Daddy’s Girl
  13. We’re Still Daddy’s Girl
  14. The Newfie Sheik
  15. The Mighty Vikings Came to Newfoundland
  16. Lady of the Forest
  17. Memories of the Newfie Bullet
  18. Did She Mention My Name
  19. The Recycling Song
  20. The Singing Newfoundlander
  21. Sinking of the Titanic
  22. Back in ’56
  23. Big Old Newfie Dog
  24. Sweet Nellie
  25. Ballad of Walter Pigeon

Disc 2:

  1. Tamworth Country Music Festival
  2. This Old Guitar of Mine
  3. G’Day G’Day
  4. Old Time Country Halls
  5. Cow Manure Blues
  6. Pub With No Beer
  7. Wobbley Boot
  8. Slim Dusty – The Super Country Star
  9. Country Revival
  10. Little Wooden Whistle
  11. Waltzing Matilda
  12. Plains of Peppimenarti
  13. Walk a Country Mile
  14. Stepping Around Australia
  15. Far Away in Australia
  16. When the Plane Touches Down in Sydney
  17. Maritime Farewell
  18. Song for Mother Earth
  19. My Pretty Newfie Girl
  20. You Better Not Do That
  21. Newfie Boy
  22. The Hockey Song
  23. My Nova Scotia Home
  24. Discovery of Newfoundland
  25. Ode to Newfoundland

Product Description

Newfoundland native Michael T. Wall has taken his brand of traditional country music all over the world, from Poland to Japan to Australia to Germany. This is his limited edition 2-disc collection.