Navigators – Sea Miner



1. Reach the Morning Light
2. Mortier Garden Party
3. Heave Her Up
4. Donald MacGilliavry
5. Stayed For Reason
6. Jug of Punch
7. Days Gone Bye
8. The Snuff Wife
9. and If Venice is Sinking
10. Alone on the Quay
11. Black Oil Miner
12. Jonaclay
13. Stuck on a Lonely Planet
14. Keg of Brandy

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Product Description

“Sea Miner” is the second release from East Coast Music Award nominees and Music Newfoundland and Labrador winners, The Navigators. Having established themselves as one of Newfoundland’s premier bands, the Navigators have found the perfect blend of traditional Celtic and pop rock. Combining traditional instruments like the bodhran, tin whistle and fiddle with the harder edged electric guitar, electric bass and drums gives a blend that is perfectly suited to the baritone haymaker vocals of Arthur O’Brien and Fred Jorgensen. With a varied mix of original songs, a capella, instrumental numbers, ballads and shanties the band has gained a large following stemming from the huge success of their first record, “Dance and Sing”. “Sea Miner” follows in the footsteps of the debut delivering hard-hitting shanties and heartfelt ballads. All are well done and further exemplify the bands importance and lasting impact on Newfoundland’s musical landscape.