Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir – Full Circle


1. Best in Choir
2. Ahe Lau Makani
3. Sida Rudaia
4. Bonny Wood Green
5. One for Frost, Two for Fire
6. Blonde in a Black Shirt
7. Oolichan
8. Floating Upstream
9. The Devil and Bailiff McGlynn
10. Two Minutes Before Sleep
11. Ain’t That News
12. Chant for a Long Day
13. Living in a Holy City
14. Foggy Birthday Shuffle
15. O Yo Yo
16. When I Was In My Prime
17. Uberlebensgrob
18. Full Circle

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Product Description

“When I heard the NSYC CD ‘Reaching for the Rock’, I was grabbed by the combination of technical prowess and freedom of sound; there was a wildness, a real smell of the seashore, a cross-grain in the vocal silk which so many choirs lose in their quest for correct notes. ¬†They were so much in tune with what I want out of choral music that I asked if they would record a disc of my work. ¬†This CD is one outcome of what rapidly became a very close and very rewarding relationship.”

Stephen Hatfield (Liner Notes)