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Punters – Fisherman’s Blues


The self-produced Fisherman’s Blues delivers a redefined sense of direction that is true to their roots (a little bit traditional, a little bit rock & roll). The CD showcases the band’s growth and maturity, with a selection of pop songs, traditional songs, and their trademark instrumental tunes. The CD also features two songs which were written by Larry Foley that are true pop music gems (“”She Ain’t You”” and “”Close Your Eyes””). As well, there are great covers of some older and somewhat forgotten songs (“”No Other Baby”” and “”Brown Eyed Handsome Man””), and traditional gems (“”Heave Away””, “”Banks of Newfoundland”” and “”Big Bow Wow””). Patrick sings a traditional song, “”I Had But 50 Cents””, that has never been recorded, and is sure to be a staple on traditional music shows. The title track, “”Fisherman’s Blues”” is a song the band has been performing since its inception. Included in this version is an original verse, written by Larry Foley, to reflect the realities of the fishing industry and out-migration in Newfoundland. Finally, Steve Earle’s “”Galway Girl”” is given a Celtic feel and has become one of the most requested songs at The Punters’ live shows.
On This CD, The Punters are joined by some of the best musicians in Newfoundland: including George Morgan, Paul “”Boomer”” Stamp, Adam Staple, Chris Batstone, Barry Hillier and Mark Hiscock. Fisherman’s Blues is truly a home grown project and is arguably The Punters’ best recording to date.

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1. Galway Girl
2. Close Your Eyes
3. Flatrockin’
4. Heavy Away
5. No Other baby
6. Young Thing
7. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
8. Fisherman’s Blues
9. I Had But 50 Cents
10. Sandymorrisette
11. She Ain’t You
12. All You Ever Do
13. Banks of Newfoundland
14. Big Bow Wow