Republic of Doyle – Season Four


Total Episode Run Time Approx: 585 minutes

Behind-The-Scenes, Blooper Reel, Season 4 Time-lapse, People of the Republic, Audio Commentary on Episodes From Dublin with Love and The Common Wealth.

Product Description

Everyone’s favourite P.I. family is back for their fourth explosive season of cases, crime, and personal complications that make life in the Republic… well, interesting to say the least.
Allan Hawco returns as Jake Doyle, the rogue investigator who plays by his own set of rules in the port city of St. John’s, Newfoundland. Along with partners-in-solving-crime Mal (Sean McGinley, Rose (Lynda Boyd), Des (Mark O’Brien), Tonny (Marthe Bernard), and Leslie (Krystin Pellerin), Jake will be kept busy with the constant parade of “perps” crossing their paths: witnesses, kidnappers, art thieves, undercover ops., gangs, whistleblowers, assassins – and maybe the worst of all, Mal’s in-laws. From drug dealers to hostage takers, it’s just another day on the job in the Republic of Doyle.