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roger howse

Roger Howse – Long Time Comin’


1. The Way I Roll
2. Big Road Blues
3. You Can’t Do That
4. Late Night, Early Mornin’ Blues
5. Travellin’ Riverside
6. Get Back What You Give
7. Betty and Dupree
8. Phonograph Blues
9. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean/(I Got to Cross) That River Jordan
10. St. James Infirmary
11. Ginger’s Blues

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Product Description

This record really was a long time coming. Roger began and finished recording the album almost ten years ago. It is a fantastic example of his immense talent for acoustic blues. The style, faithfulness to form and expertise that he brings to this classic approach to blues is amazing. Howse is, firstly, an incredible guitarist. He does the work of two players in many cases, riding the bass notes with his thumb while executing beautifully melodic and soulful riffs with his fingers. He negates the need for a band and, much like Robert Johnson and the great solo blues guitarists of the past, he says more with one guitar, six strings and two hands than most could say with a symphony of musicians. When he does decide to share guitar duties, it is with St. John’s blues monster (and our very own Fred’s staffer) Steve Hussey (Duane Andrews Band, Peter Narvaez). Hussey is an accomplished “lefty” guitarist whose prowess for impromptu blues is unrivaled in the city. The coming together of these two blues aficionados is a real treat and they play off of each other perfectly. Vocally, Roger has a voice that has seen the inside of many bars and night clubs. It is worn and has a gravelly rasp that is both charming and conducive to performing this style of music with conviction. There is an honest “I’ve lived these tunes” type of quality that is candid and truthful and really allows the listener to connect the man to the story. Roger is the real deal, one of the finest bluesmen around. We’re glad he finally put this record out. Even if you’re not a huge blues fan the musicianship is of the highest degree and his performance transcends genre. If you are a fan you’re in for some serious chops and some fine acoustic blues!