(8) ROMANO DI NILLO - Come From The Bays

Romano Di Nillo – Come From The Bays


  1. Jigs: The Cook In The Galley/Newfoundland Spring/Grammy’s Jig
  2. Singles: The First Kissing Dance/The Captain’s Whiskers/I Rowed Up In A Dory
  3. Hornpipes: Like Ya Would/The Old Raggy Doo
  4. Waltzes: The Midnight Waltz/The Starlight Waltz
  5. Come From The Bays: Saddle Hill/Butts In The Ashtray/Red Rock Brook/The Doryhouse Reel/Buffett Double
  6. Rufus: Parson’s Pond/Prosper’s/Up The Southern Shore
  7. Running The Goat
  8. Emile: Ryan’s Fancy Arriving/Jim Hodder’s/The Ship Inn Reel

Product Description

Performer from the musical ‘Come From Away’, Romano Di Nillo, releases an album of simple traditional Newfoundland music. Duane Andrews produced. Other artists featured on the album are Aaron Collis, Matt Grover and Angela Pickett.