rosemary lawton

Rosemary Lawton – Painted Glass


  1. Sally’s Waltz
  2. Kitchner’s Army/Bodachan A’mhirean
  3. The Siren
  4. Circumstance Waltz/Stomp/Rockaway
  5. The Movie Jigs
  6. Ghostly Lover
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Product Description

The auspicious debut on CD for Rosemary Lawton. From St. John’s, fiddler/vocalist/ songwriter delights with an offering both rootsy and sophisticated featuring two originals and tasty pieces written by Emile Benoit and Dave Panting.
The arrangement on track two is an artistic and sonic pleasure while Rosemary’s vocal on “The Siren” is courageous and arresting.
Stellar accompaniment is provided by Carole Bestvater, Maria Cherwick, Adam Press, Jason Whelan and Billy Sutton throughout. Astutely produced by Ian Foster. I strongly suggest indulging in this superb listen.