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Land and Sea

Sandy Morris – Music from Land and Sea


1. On the Beach – Opening There (Air Version)
2. The Dance
3. 1000 Roads
4. The Badger Drive
5. Borealis
6. Aulatsivik
7. Honey Bee Waltz
8. Petite Suite
9. Peregrine
10. Stitches
11. Falabella
12. Bonay
13. On the Beach – Opening There (Extended Version)
14. Freestyle – Closing Theme

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Product Description

The CBC television series Land and Sea has showcased the culture and history of Newfoundland for over 40 years and the music that has accompanied the show has become just as iconic. The opening theme, On the Beach, has been heard in living rooms across the province and beyond for many years and the man behind the music is a legend in his own rite. Sandy Morris is one of the most gifted and respected musicians in Newfoundland and his prowess and musical sensitivity are on full display on this beautifully crafted acoustic album. The music is incredibly cinematic and paints a wonderful picture of Newfoundland life and culture. This is an absolute must have recording.