Scott W. Goudie – Renata


1. No More Doggin’
2. City
3. Got To Find My Baby
4. Island
5. Live the Life I Love
6. Renata
7. Mean and Dirty
8. Ain’t No Reason
9. Growing

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Product Description

“Newfoundland musician and visual artist Scott Goudie has played guitar since the mid-60s when he took an interest in blues and jazz.  While studying fine art in Vancouver in the early 1970s, he met Mississippi Delta Blues man Johnny Shines, a contemporary blues legend of Robert Johnson.  Goudie then moved to Alabama and studied and played with Johnny Shines, specializing in acoustic slide guitar.  He later met and played with John Hammond Jr., Muddy Waters and Albert Collins to name a few.

In St. John’s, Scott met fellow blues musician Denis Parker and started playing with him over thirty years ago, during the early 1970s. Scott released his critically acclaimed album ‘Renata’ in 1982.”