Sean Panting - Man of the Year

Sean Panting – Man of the Year


1. Man of the Year
2. Everybody Knows it’s Over
3. Labrador Motors
4. Love, What Would you Have me do?
5. I Picked Hell
6. Panic Steers
7. Effigy
8. I get Tired of Putting out Fires
9. Cubicle Creature
10. Rock N Roll Neighbour

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Product Description

Finally, Sean has a new record!

We have been waiting patiently since his rock offering “Receiver” and the folk(y), acoustic-laden, “Victrola”. Sean sets the bar pretty high for songwriting at home and abroad. Many local songwriters cite him as an influence on their work. His new record, “Man of the Year” is a marriage of all the elements that make for great songs: instantly catchy chorus, infectious hooks and a self-deprecating humour that makes his songs instantly relatable. Sean has a wit and keen understanding of how to turn the perfect musical and lyrical phrase.

This is thoughtful pop at its best and easily Sean’s finest album.